Monday, January 23, 2017

Retouching Assignment

 For this one you're going to need a picture of somebody with wrinkles. So you open that picture in Photoshop and now you start using different tools to remove the wrinkles. You can also adjust the lightening to make the picture look better. Then you save the image, and then you're done!!!

Magazine Cover Assignment

 For this one you're going to need a picture of a magazine and a picture of your face. So you take the magazine and put it into Photoshop, after that you take the picture of you and place that picture on top of the models face. Now you can start experimenting with the lightening in ENHANCE-ADJUST LIGHTENING or ENHANCE-ADJUST COLOR FOR SKIN TONE. Then when you're happy with the way your face turned out, you can flatten image and the you're done!!!

Movie Poster Assignment

For this one you're only going to need a picture of a poster and a picture of yourself. I chose the Star Wars The Force Awakens poster, but you can choose whatever poster you would like. So when you have your poster you open it in Photoshop and you take the picture of yourself and start to edit your face so you can put it on top of the actors face. Then you flatten image, and you're done!!!

Photo Collage with Text Features

For this one you're  going to need a LOT of pictures! So you get all the pictures you're going to need and then you open them in Photoshop and start to put them all together in one image. Then you have to put on different texts/sentences. After that you flatten image and then you're done!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Classical "Painted" Portrait

 For this one you need a picture you took yourself. So first you choose the picture you want and then you put it into Photoshop. Then you go to Filter-Filter Gallery. Now you can adjust the size on your image down to the left. When you have the size you would like you go to the Artistic folder on the right, and then you choose the filter you want. Remember that you want the picture to look like a painting. I chose the Watercolor filter on the top picture. Then you push the Ok button and then you're done!

Creative Blurring

For this one you're going to need an image that you want, I think it might look better if you have more than one thing in that image, but it's your choice. Then you open that image in Photoshop and chose the Selection Brush Tool, after that you change the mode to Mask and start to color in the thing you don't want to be blurry. Then you go to Filter-Blur then you can choose the kind of blur you want. I chose the Radial Blur, and the Radial Blur looks like the top picture. At the bottom you can find the original picture.

Portrait Montage Using Different Backgrounds

For this one you're just going to need a lot of different backgrounds and a picture of yourself. You find all of the different pictures and then you start putting them together into one picture. When you have that picture you have to put in a self portrait. Then you flatten the image, and then you're done!!!